All enclosed spaces, including residential and commercial premises, may not always provide the cleanest air. Dust concentration is always critical in all sorts of premises, which can significantly affect indoor air quality. Dust is made up of several different particles such as debris, dead skin cells, etc. They may include wood dust, synthetic fibres, and others in the workplace. If you want to ensure the purity of the air in your surroundings, call Flood Services Wollongong, and we will perform a thorough air purification service.

Our Services

Vacuum recirculation helps to clear the ambient air contaminated by foreign bodies. The purifier fan creates a vacuum, allowing stale air to be drawn in. The cleaning system’s filter modules filter it.

It is capable of filtering coarse and fine dust (pre-filter), gas and odours (wide spectrum pellet filter or activated carbon filter), and germs and viruses (broad-spectrum pellets filter /activated carbon filter) (filter for suspended particles). When the purification process is finished, the filtered air is discharged into the surrounding environment.

Numerous kinds of filters are available to cleanse contaminated air. There are three filters: coarse filters, fine filters, and particle filters. These three filter types are designed to trap and eliminate foreign particles from the ambient air. Additionally, there are aluminium oxide ceramic catalytic filter systems and active carbon filters for gas and odour filtering.

Depending on the requirements, you may need individual filters or a mix of filters of various classes. On request, we will do an on-site analysis of your needs, specify the exact air purification equipment required, and provide an appropriate solution. We always have nearly all of the air purifiers you want in the quantity you require.

We provide an on-site visit service that includes unit installation and disassembly and implementation and maintenance. However, you may also rent most of our air purifiers without servicing.

Because your requirement may be urgent, we provide you with services available 24 hours a day. You deserve the cleanest air possible- Why wait another day for it. We promise a prompt response and a clean job performed by an effective and productive workforce. Do not delay any longer in opting for our expertise!

Even after water damage, we provide air purification services. This work requires additional techniques such as water extraction and dehumidification, carpet and underlay drying. Additionally, moisture removal, mould removal, and, finally, air purification are included. If you have green mould, black mould, or any other type of mould on your property, contact Flood Services Wollongong immediately to schedule a mould removal service. Bear in mind that your house and health are at stake, so do not delay calling us.


How We Work

Together, we will build something more than a trusting connection – a genuine partnership. Our clients become our partners, and we treat them as such. Our strategy is as follows:

  • Proper pricing
  • Appropriate intervention time
  • Decisiveness

Combining these three factors results in the formula for an excellent service. Our company’s recognition and viability are based on our staff’s commitment and our clients’ trust. We closely monitor technical breakthroughs and apply them to complex jobs. While we recognise that technology will never wholly replace our people, it undoubtedly helps them in many ways. A pre-visit to your site enables us to do the following analysis:

  • The Particularities Of Your Industry And Work Environment
  • The Configuration Of Your Equipment Your Result-Oriented Objectives

We then provide you with a solution tailored to your exact requirements, guaranteeing that our services are evaluated by:

  • Conducting A Self-Check At The End Of Each Cleaning
  • Conducting A Quality Control Based On Your Specific Requirements
  • Receiving Feedback That Allows Us To Adapt

Why Hire Us For Wollongong Air Purification Services?

There are many reasons to contact us for all your water and flood damage restoration needs, such as:

  • Leading company in the air purification and water damage restoration space
  • Experienced operator
  • A licensed and insured company
  • Serving clients throughout Wollongong
  • Work with commercial and residential clients
  • Cost-effective rates
  • Free estimates
  • We offer a range of water damage and restoration services, including wet carpet drying, flood restoration, structural drying, odour control, mould remediation and sewage cleanup
  • Our team works closely with your insurance company, helping you with paperwork related to your claims
  • 24/7 emergency water damage restoration

Call Flood Services Wollongong at 1300972 682 for more information and details about our comprehensive solutions. We offer these services to both residential and commercial clients throughout the region. We are available 24/7 and aim to provide you with a seamless experience no matter when you call us.

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